Performance Management system

Performance Management System is the process and method of continuously identifying, assessing and developing performance in organizations by linking each individual’s performance and objectives to the organization’s overall mission and goals.

It does not involve only appraisal which is once-in-a-year event. It includes information on who should be trained and in what areas, which employees should be rewarded, and what types of skills are lacking at the organization or unit level.

Therefore performance management also provides information on the types of employee who should be hired.

Our Approach:

Setting Goals in line with Vision . After thoroughly defining and understanding the Purpose & Vision of the organization, our Consultant will facilitate the top management, the strategies and goals for the year and next few years in line with the company’s vision.

Deployment of Goals : Organization strategies and goals will then be deployed at functional / departmental and individual levels by using specific tools, which is best that suits the company.

Establish Metrics The next key step is to establish metrics and the measuring systems and support in developing performance tracking systems and dashboards at various levels – corporate, function, unit, department, section levels.

Performance Feedback :Enabling meaningful appraisal meetings and facilitating exchange of effective performance feedback is the flagship service of us.

Rewards : Incentive and variable pay schemes are worked out depending on the company’s policies and their strategies to retain talent.

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